Firewater Me


Breathe in the mist
breathe out the fire
breathe in a stream
a breath of furious and fast desire
exhale the inspiring desire
let me
inhale the sweet salt
of your fire desire
exhale the perspiration
of your firey heart’s inspiration
breathe in the firebreath
exhale the nth dimension
of the exponential
fire breathe me
in and out
out and in
outbreathe me
fire god of me
in breathe
the firebreath of us as
high firewater
exhale the
inspiration of your fire designing
taste my salty mist
the misty
oh so mistic
taste this salt
add the flame of
all fire desire
the high fire inspiration
firewater over me
firewater through me
firewater break me
open and course through me
fire my vein of my every fire’s
time and space
firewater cleanse me
firewater breathe me
firewater hold in me
firewater, live me
life water through me
firewater power in me
fire me
fire fire fire
fire the
holy heart water through me
holy fire heart fire water fire
love fire
desire pumping
my heart fire
flame heart me
gold line me
live me fire fire fire
like ice water over me
cleanse me water fire
fire me
pour me
your liquid fire
amber gold me
fire fire fire

by michelle dorris, copyright, 2017. All rights reserved.


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