Birdie Bleu


Birdie, birdie

Birdie bleu

Warm winds blow soft through and through

my hair and cheek

pressing next to you

Our horse is gilded

underneath us

I tint and touch gently your waist

Your ruddy hands hold

tight the reins

We begin our night’s ascent

Through starry midnight sky

awaiting our presence

Anticipating our union

Witnessing our glee

I  cannot wait

any longer

I let my golden crowns swirl

round and round

your head

I swoop you closer to me

Our eyes meet in the fractal

Of our kiss

I kiss your lashes

Your gotee

We face each other now

Entwining each other

encircling each other

Arm in arm

Legs to thighs

gentle caresses

cheek to cheek

gently encasing

each in each

I rise up on your saddle

You suckle my breast

My swooning head

falls back in the rock and sway

As you come closer in

my hair flows

engulfing the midnight sky

the earth below in the arcing light

of us

reaching the golden lit starry

tiger Lion

your eye

Firing up

Our heart

We enter the milky way

galaxy together

Spraying the night sky

our shimmering heart,

twinkling lit stars, the orange rhine

with our golden communion

consecration in place

You place the golden laurel,

the crown of glory upon my hair

Your torching starry sword glows

as it marks the spot

makes the heat

Enflames our open firey heart

again and again

Ascents again and again

meet us in our Elesium Field

again and again

Birdie, birdie, Birdie bleu

Meet me there

again and again.


Michelle Dorris, copyright, 2017