Love Sweet Heart Blue


Love so sweet words can’t contain the joy of your presence

Lines of you so gentle can’t be constrained by these meek lines of ink

How to place the living word of you in a language unable to meet your immeasurable height

You are my Love Sweet Heart Blue

You are my light, my lantern guiding me onward in times of despair

You are my hope in times of gladness

It’s not an ache that you are to me

It’s not a striving that I drive for you

It is pure sublimity where we meet at the edge of heaven

the sight of which turns all darkness to the sun

all moons to the great light of the golden central sun

you are the center iris burning bright flames

the corona of the center ball of flame

I am in awe to even speak your name

My Love Sweet Heart Blue.

by Michelle Dorris, Copyright, 2017


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