On Eagle’s Wind

Eagle Wind

You are the wind,  the rise, the eye, the soar itself

the black and white feather, the umber glow, the tying gaze

shrewd and not crude but wouldn’t hesitate to cast low

if there were something worth swooning and crooning over the long coast

like lettuce leaf, bibb or boston

something or other leftover from someone’s summer picnic or maybe it isn’t yet plucked bare by autumn’s scouring, howling winds and is still lofting soft and succulent as it traces an amber reflection in the myriadic circumferences of the turquoise Atlantic

a loft of leafy green, burgundy tips still lying around like heathery moss swayings over slated rock in some marshland or glimmerings, silvery lavendar opulescence, glints on a sandy beach like Plymouth

where you last saw me,

cold, bare naked and alone

crying birdie, birdie,

oh, blue mussels and clam shells rise and fall in the turbulence, the lightning balls, bolts,

your global eye

wind tosses in the rapid tide of all within and without range of your emblazoning glaze

through all that mystic haze, piercings, scizzor sharp glintings

hot metal like

forging gold

roaming up and down,

in and out

scoping for something,


in the chilling heat, sea green foam of that last December’s n’oreaster rain

just to eke out a presence for

all to all and to all within the all back to all of your golden perview golden

oh golden chosen regal one

king of birdmen

landing right at my feet

resting all of it for me

to sit and comb through

sift and shuffle through

and sift again

how to start, how to sort and sift these many trillions of salted ages, these many tourniqueted granules of white sand pilgrammages, plaguings, eggplant purple blackened chippenings

clam shell after shell, muscle after muscle broken and torn assunder

just to locate one shining pink pearl

Eagle regal golden plume dye of horus

With central, arking winging your mind in all directions

In and out

through and tbrough

all time and space

see me

Oh Bird of birds

Birdie, oh birdie

hear me

Michelle Dorris, © 2017