Dear Mr. President,


I applaud your accuity, your charisma, your charm, your laughter, your stamina in the midst of a storming world’s crisis which wasn’t your creation, but a remainder from previous political decisions from other presidents and various world leaders.  With your inauguration, these dangling ties and loose ends have all been placed upon your shoulders to thread into a united fabric in a world of peace, justice, and liberty.  I just want to send you loving thoughts so that you may fly safely throughout your many traversings, and let these words lift you and encourage your stamina with grace on high like the wings of a dove you are and will be to the world.  You can do it, Mr. President.   Fly, Mr. President, fly, softly, and soar to heavenly skies of peace using your wit and charm to unite an embroiled and chaotic landscape .  Let your smile be the white silk scarf to soothe the world and these words be the wind lifting your wings a little higher.  Use your gifts:  your charisma, your charming wit, your ability to lead a strong meeting with grace and dazzling smile to lift us to the Highest liberty and justice we dream to be.  I know your ingenuity, your strength, your wise business sense will figure out the world’s problems which extend not only to America, but to every land, all foreign nations.  We are believers in democracy, and I believe in you.   Believe in your smile, charm, and ability to keenly navigate the old blue American Heart.